Los Lagos Region stabilizes situation after Calbuco Volcano eruption

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Sernatur - In a statement regarding the eruption of the Calbuco Volcano, located in the south of Chile, 900 kilometers south of the capital, Santiago, Chilean authorities have confirmed that the Los Lagos Region is operational, with routine activity functioning at 95%. This excludes the 20-kilometer zone directly located along the periphery of the volcano’s crater.
Calbuco Volcano is situated on the Puerto Varas / Puerto Montt border, between the lakes of Llanquihue and Chapo, in the Los Lagos Region. Ensenada, Alerce, Colonia Río Sur, Correntoso and the international route between Puerto Varas and San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina) are located within the volcano’s surrounding area.
The Undersecretary of Tourism, Javiera Montes, explained that “the affected area is the zone directly located around the volcano.” Montes also confirmed that Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Chiloé are functioning normally with basic services in operation and local businesses open to the public. Montes verified that close to 95% of tourism services, including accommodation and restaurants across the región, are fully operative.
It’s important to highlight that both the international airport, Arturo Merino Benítez, located in Santiago, Chile’s capital city, and the Tepual Airport situated in Puerto Montt, are functioning without disruptions. Flights to and from the south of Chile are fully operational.
Present situation in places of interest for tourists:
• Nahuel Ñadi Natural Monument; open to the public.
• Chiloé National Park; open to the public.
• Islotes de Puñihuil National Monument; open to the public.
• Hornopirén National Park; open to the public.
• Futaleufú National Reserve; open to the public.
• Puyehue National Park; open.
• Alerce Andino National Park; closed
• Llanquihue National Reserve; closed
• Chaitén is operational.
• Cochamó can be easily accessed via Puelche Cove. Entrance via Ensenada is restricted.
• Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park; closed.*Ascending routes up Osorno Volcano and entrance to Los Saltos del Petrohue are temporarily closed due to the fact that they are located directly within the exclusion zone.
• Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas are functioning normally.
Destinations that can be visited in the Los Lagos Region
Both the city of Osorno and the coastal route are functioning normally. The costal areas of Bahía Mansa, Pucatrihue and Maicolpue, are operating without problems.
Puyehue National Park is open.
According to the information released by Puyehue’s Municipality Tourism Office, the thermal baths of Puyehue are operating normally, as too is the Antillanca tourist complex.
Lake Llanquihue
The Lake Llanquihue, Puerto Octay, Frutillar and Llanquihue circuit is operating normally. Standard services within the urban area of Puerto Varas are also functioning without problems, although there is a restriction on entrance to the Ensenada sector as this area is located within the confines of the exclusion zone. Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park is closed, entrances to Lake Todos los Santos and Los Saltos de Petrohué are closed, and it is not possible to ascend Volcan Osorno at present for the same reasons.
Puerto Montt
The city of Puerto Montt is functioning normally, but both Alerce Andino National Park and Llanquihue National Reserve are closed because the Correntoso and River Blanco routes are located within the 20-kilometer exclusion zone. It’s important to highlight that the Carretera Austral is operating normally.
The Nahuel Ñadi National Monument is open to the public.
The Chacao channel crossing is fully functional and normal services are operating throughout Chiloé.
The archipelago’s large urban centers, including Ancud, Castro and Quellón, are functioning without problems and all basic services are operational.
The Churches of Chiloé circuit is fully functional.
Chiloé National Park and the Islotes de Puñihuil Natural Monument are both open to the public.
Green Patagonia
Precautions are in place for the light ashfall in Cochamó.
Carretera Austral (Route 7) is functioning normally.
There are no problems to report in the Palena Province and two-way route is operating without problems.
Both Hornopirén National Park and Futaleufú National Reserve are open to the public.