Nature and fishing in Aysén Patagonia

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It’s a dream trip for many. Long days of relaxation and entertainment, combined with fishing, and surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery that Aysén Patagonia has to offer in southern Chile.

The fishing season begins in the Aysén region in October and extends until the second week of May, attracting hundreds of seasoned and amateur fishermen every year. Since the 1980s, the many spectacular rivers and lakes of Aysén have made it one of the world’s very best fishing destinations.

Close to Coyhaique, the urban center of the region and the recommended base for your fishing excursions, are more than 30 rivers and lakes that offer an unforgettable experience of adventure and inspiration.

Only 25 kms southeast of Coyhaique is Los Cuatro Lagos (“The Four Lakes”) sector. Lake Frío, which can be appreciated from the road, is the first on the route. Next, the Pollux, Castor, and Thomson lakes border a breathtaking route abundant with stands of native trees including nire and lenga. This is picture-perfect postcard scenery.

At any of these lakes, which are near the border of Argentina, its possible to do fly fishing or catch-and-release fishing. While experiencing truly magical moments in the Patagonian steppe, you will fish for brown trout and rainbow trout, among other fish species.

Also close to Coyhaique you have the option to change scenery and enjoy fishing at several points along the verdant paved highway that connects Coyhaique with Puerto Aysén. In this area you can observe varied species of native trees including the canelo, the tepa, the eye-catching chilcos rojos and the calafate, a bush whose fruit, according to local folklore, visitors must try in order to earn the chance to return to Patagonia.

The sky also has its own wonders to show off: sightings of condors, kingfishers, chucaos and other birds are common while fishing.
Not to be missed
But there is more. Fly fishing experts all say you can’t miss the Ñireguao River, 25 kms from Coyhaique at Villa Mañihuales. Here you can find the brook trout that are so characteristic of Patagonia.

As well, 124 kms from Coyhaique is Lake Las Torres, which combines fishing with areas for camping and barbecues. This is a lake that never fails to entice you to go swimming surrounded by its captivating natural views.

The purity of the flavors of local gastronomic products like lamb and king crab, among other dishes, as well as the 13 local micro-beers brewed with crystalline water, further make the area a privilege to visit.

Whatever experience you are looking for in in Chilean Patagonia, this is place that emphasizes eco-values, like conservation, contemplation of pristine nature, and a commitment to environmental protection.
The Servicio Nacional de Pesca (National Fishing Service) is responsible for protecting rives and lakes and issues fishing licenses, which can be obtained online at
Getting to know the Aysén Patagonia region is an adventure with an absolute connection with nature and with oneself. It’s magical colors and sounds will stay with you forever.
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Translation by Taylor Ffitch