“Patagonia Minimalista” exposition in Puerto Natales

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Pablo Valenzuela is the first photographer to exhibit at the Centro Cultural Galpón Patagonia of Puerto Natales, where you can see his images until April 10.
His “Patagonia Minimalista” exposition is focused on Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and Patagonia, and in addition to Valenzuela also includes the Polish painter Ewa Okolowicz. Both artists complement one another perfectly, showing in their works the landscapes from uncommon perspectives that bring out brilliantly the emotions and expressions of each place.
Long attracted by minimalist landscape photography, the Chilean photographer Pablo Valenzuela always gives us a passionate expression of the human and natural sides of the Chilean landscape in his works.
Valenzuela says that in this exposition he seeks to show "a Patagonia which is within what I like to call the “geometry of the moment.” He explains it is "a kind of photography that is very different from the touristic images you’ll find on a postcard. Its a style closer to the abstract, with few figurative and chromatic elements.”
With a career spanning almost two decades, Ewa Okolowicz moved two years ago to Puerto Natales. Much of her work has been acquired by Saatchi Gallery, in Los Angeles, United States. She has also been featured in several other collections around the world.
For this exposition, Valenzuela has selected 30 images, below this article you can see a small sample of his incredible photographs.
In an interview with Patagon Journal last year, Valenzuela explained what he looks for in minimalist photography: “Any creative process requires motivation and not losing your sense of wonder. This search concerns not just the search for new places but to look at things from a different perspective, with new eyes – at both the known and yet-to-be-known places. That’s why I try not to portray landscapes from a documentary-style point-of-view. In that regard, Patagonia, with all its lines, lights and textures is tremendously inspiring. It is the minimalist Patagonia at its best.