Gauchada Week: Cristián Aguirre

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Cristián Aguirre, a frequent contributor to Patagon Journal, is a 32-year-old Chilean multidisciplinary photojournalist and mountain guide, specializing in nature photography and time lapse cinematography. He also enjoys climbing, playing music and ski mountaineering, which has led him to photograph several places around the world. His work has been displayed in exhibitions and magazines in Chile and internationally. Thanks for taking us on an adventure in Gauchada Week (8/7/17 - 8/12/17), Cristián! Follow his Facebook page (@cristianaguirre.foto) and Instagram page (@cristian_aguirre_photo) to enjoy more of Cristián’s photography and videos.  

1. “For my first post for Gauchada week, I was lucky to capture this picture of a rare huemul deer and her baby looking for food in the middle of a snowstorm in a mountain pass in Cerro Castillo National Park, Aysén, Patagonia, in 2014.”
2. Photo 1. “Scaling the limestone walls of Muralla China as the last light of day warms the stone." Muralla China, Coyhaique, Aysén, 2015.
Photo 2. “In this self portrait, I take my first steps on a high line tight rope near Muralla China. This tightrope was also the first to be assembled in Aysén, Patagonia, thanks to Daniel Osorio and Matías Lazo." Muralla China, Coyhaique, Aysén, 2015.
3. "Magic Hour of Light" shows 120,000 photographs in an audiovisual experience, the result of three years touring alone secret spots in southern Chile, Spain and Switzerland. The project required countless hours and nights outside thinking, waiting, and studying the processes and transitions of light; of dawns and dusks, of the dance and the incessant play of the stars, of the permanent turning of the starry vault. Nothing is motionless or inanimate, or as inert as it may seem. Everything has a unique character, everything vibrates, and we are all part of that whole." 
4. "In a wild and pristine territory, the old ancestors of the siempreverde temperate rainforest give shelter to an infinite world of life, topped by glaciers and ice fields from the Andes Mountains. It's a natural paradise." Queulat National Park, 2014.
5. “Hidden in a dense forest of lengas, surprise! I found myself face to face with a young tucuquere owl wandering through the trees near its nest.” Coyhaique, Patagonia, Aysén, 2014.
6. “A magical sunset shines on a lagoon inside the new Patagonia National Park.” Valle Chacabuco, Aysén, 2016.



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