National Survey on Mountain Access Restrictions

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Fundación Plantae would like to ask for your support in the dissemination of the National Survey on Mountain Access Restrictions and, of course, if you know of any mountains with access restrictions, that you participate by filling out the online survey.
You may know us already, but if not, Fundación Plantae is a Chilean non-profit organization that works with people and communities for the conservation, access and conscious use of natural spaces.
The main objective of this survey is to ensure that everyone can have access to the mountains of Chile in a responsible way. For this, we will make known any restrictions on access to the mountains and associated access protocols, through receiving and analyzing information provided by the public. The information compiled will then be published in a document and a Geographic Information System (GIS). It is also hoped that the nation's decision makers use the survey to legislate, design and implement instruments that contribute to this objective. We are aware that this process will require educating and developing values in each one of us who visit the mountains, in addition to political will, an appropriate organization and fluid communication between citizens, organizations and the government. Your support is essential in this initiative.
This effort will be based on an online survey that allows participants to contribute based on their own unique experiences in an initiative that aims to further the enjoyment, valuation and care of mountains as well as build a more aware, informed and respectful access of mountains. This survey is composed of a series of brief questions for each mountain with restricted access and one can fill out as many surveys of mountains with restricted access in Chile as each person knows. The survey will be open from Friday, March 2, to April 2, 2018. If there are any changes to the closing date, we'll let you know.
Here is the link to the online survey:
The proper management of mountains is a task for all of us.
We hope to count on your support. 
The author, Javier Salvatierra, is executive director of Fundación Plantae.

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