New route and fifth ascent of Cerro Paine Grande in Patagonia

Correo electrónico Imprimir - Climbers Cristobal Señoret and Max Didier ascended the southwest face of Cerro Paine Grande to make the first ascent of a new route on the peak. Cerro Paine Grande, at 2,884 meters (9,462 feet), is the tallest peak in the Cordillera Paine massif of Torres del Paine National Park, in Chilean Patagonia. The mountain group is well-known for its three Torres del Paine (Towers of Paine)—the South, Central and North Towers.
Cerro Paine Grande, however, has only seen five ascents to date. Previous ascents occurred in 1957, 2000, 2011 and 2016. The fourth ascent in 2016 was carried out by Señoret himself, along with his uncle Diego and fellow Chilean Nicolás Gutierrez. This year, he returned with Max Didier to summit the peak again, setting a new route in the process.
The team’s post on SuperTopo described the line as climbing “to the far left of the existing lines, to reach the heavily rimmed west ridge, which it follows to the summit.” The pair climbed difficulties to 90˚ and WI4.
“The idea of opening this new route came to us when we saw this beautiful wall with many possibilities for ice climbing,” Señoret wrote in an email exchange with Rock and Ice, “the truth is that we studied the place a lot, and we dedicated a lot of time to get some knowledge about this seldom visited mountain that is so special to Patagonia. So we have many lines and projects of this type in the area.”  Read more..

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