Cochamo declared nature sanctuary

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By Paula Fernández
Chile's Council of Ministers for Sustainability voted today to unanimously create the Cochamó Valley Nature Sanctuary in the Los Lagos region. 
The new protected area will include more than 11,000 hectares, protecting ancient alerce forests, rivers and wetlands, among other natural environments. 
The result of years of effort by the local community and several public and private institutions, the sanctuary moreover will protect 6,500 hectares of mature forest and 1,800 hectares of ancient alerce forest, in addition to around 50 species of animals.
Andrés Diez, director of Puelo Patagonia, one of the organizations involved in leading the campaign to create the sanctuary together with the Cochamó Valley organization and the community told Patagon Journal. "The Cochamó Valley is without a doubt a unique place in Chile and the world. And while Puelo Patagonia has been working on its protection for several years, the designation of this part of the valley as a Nature Sanctuary is a milestone that makes us feel proud and gives us the strength to continue advancing in the protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the Cochamó comuna.” 
Tatiana Sandoval, president of the Cochamó Valley Organization, commented that it is "a dream come true...The work that has been done in this valley is an example of how local communities can help manage and organize a territory in a responsible and sustainable way so that future generations can enjoy this wonderful place. We appreciate the work of so many people who are also convinced that the only destiny of the Cochamó Valley is to take care of it and protect it."

Map of the new Valle Cochamo Nature Sanctuary.Map of the new Valle Cochamo Nature Sanctuary. 


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