Last Wild Places podcast launched

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Today, Earth Day, our Last Wild Places podcast is born!

Last Wild Places will explore wild places around the world from a variety of perspectives: conservation, science, expeditions, adventure, indigenous peoples, outdoor sports, and more. Hosted by Jimmy Langman and Lily Alford, in our first season among the upcoming guests include Irish author and explorer Leon McCarron; Pablo García Borboroglu, the president of the Global Penguin Society; Brady Robinson, climber and executive director of the Freyja Foundation; and many more.

Later this year, we will launch Patagonia Indomita, a Spanish-language podcast focused on Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.

In the first episode, published today, our guest is Amy Lewis, CEO of the WILD Foundation, an NGO that for 50 years has been mobilizing international coalitions for the protection of wilderness through the World Wilderness Congress, the Nature Needs Half campaign, and other initiatives.

Among the topics, our conversation digs deep into the challenges of protecting the world's last wild places, which countries are leading the fight for wilderness protection, and her organization's role as a catalyst in that.

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