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Issue 5 - Private Parks on the Rise

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Our fifth issue features a cover story on the rise of private parks in Patagonia; a photo essay from one of Chile's longtime photographer legends, Pablo Valenzuela; a special travel section on Chile's Lake District including stories from veteran guidebook author Wayne Bernhardson and British travel writer Gabriel O'Rorke; a report on sustainable fly fishing in Mongolia; and the story behind a recent, historic first winter ascent of Mount Sarmiento in Tierra del Fuego, among several other articles. Below is the full table of contents.

2nd Patagonia Photo Contest

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Patagon Journal announces the launch of its 2nd Patagonia Photo Contest.
Open to amateur or professional photographers, from any country, we want to receive your best images of the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina.
This is a part of the world that without doubt provides extraordinary possibilities for photography.  Last year, our inaugural contest was a great success with an impressive display of photos that made it difficult to decide the winning images. So, to help us with that honorable task this year, we have a distinguished panel of judges; they include:

Fighting for the Futaleufú: New film shows what’s at risk

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Plans for the possible construction of three dams on the Futaleufú River in Chilean Patagonia has sparked a new 15-minute film that is a window into the budding conflict that could result in the destruction a world-renowned adventure destination and the loss of a culture.   

Trans Andes Challenge

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Billed as “the epic mountain bike race in Patagonia,” over six days in January riders in the Trans Andes Challenge push their way up hills, speed down mountains and otherwise struggle their way between Huilo Huilo and Pucón in southern Chile. “The best six days of mountain biking in your life,” says Juan Pablo Santiagos, the director of the event, who in the past has represented Chile at the Olympics as both skier and mountain biker. 


"The need for adventure": Interview with polar explorer Borge Ousland

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Borge Ousland is one of history’s most accomplished polar explorers. He is the first person to ski across both the North Pole and South Pole alone. His last big solo trip, in 2001, was an 82-day odyssey that saw him cross the North Pole, from Russia to Canada, walking, skiing and swimming. He told National Geographic that the trip taught him to “never give up.”
This month, Ousland is leading an expediton across the Northern Patagonia Ice Field. This authentic living legend also skied across the Northern Patagonia ice over 17 days in November 2009. After that previous expedition in Patagonia, Ousland spoke to Patagon Journal about the inner journey and preparation involved with polar expeditions and global warming’s serious impact on the world’s glaciers over the past two decades. We re-publish excerpts from that interview here:  

Where to find Patagon Journal

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Patagon Journal is distributed by subscription, via iPad and other digital platforms, and selected newsstands, bookstores, specialty outdoors and fishing stores, airports, hotels, tour operators, and travel and outdoors fairs, among other places. 
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