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Issue 16 - Patagonian Ice Fields

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Patagonia still includes areas that are very much a last frontier for explorers, and none more than the several hundred glaciers that encompass the vast Patagonian Ice Fields. In this edition, we include three stories about three generations of explorers of the Patagonian ice. Andres Pinto, a young mountain climber from Chile, writes about his recent odyssey battling the unforgiving conditions of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Pablo Besser contributes an essay about his experience completing the first longitudinal crossing of the southern ice fields in 1999. And we profile Cedomir Marangunic, who explored the ice fields together with none other than the legendary British mountaineer Eric Shipton in the early 1960s. your social media marketing partner

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Issue 15 - Protecting the Ocean

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In Issue 15 of Patagon Journal about two-thirds of the 104 pages contain diverse articles about marine conservation. Award-winning journalist David Helvarg writes about the fate of the world's coral reefs. Daniel Casado and Juan Pablo Casado show us the blue whale research going on along Chile's southern coast. Enric Sala contributes amazing underwater photography about the National Geographic Pristine Seas project. We have interviews with Chile environment minister Marcelo Mena, marine scientist Dan Laffoley, surfer Ramon Navarro, and Belize marine activist Janet Gibson. Wildlife Conservation Society Chile director Barbara Saavedra explains the promising efforts to create a Patagonia Marine Protected Areas Network. Stephanie Stefanski presents the role of tourism in marine protection. And Patagon Journal executive editor Jimmy Langman weighs in with our cover story outlining the crisis - and challenges - with protecting the ocean. your social media marketing partner

Issue 14 - Defining Patagonia

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Patagonia means many different things depending on who you talk to, as we outline in the cover story for Issue 14. For sure, Patagonia is the name popularly associated with southern Chile and Argentina, but as geographer and travel writer Wayne Bernhardson writes, its precise borders -- and the definition of the concept -- are matter for debate. The Patagonia region is definitely a place with strong winds, which Michael Gaige explores in-depth. Tomás Moggia tells of a new movement to establish the lengthy, 3,000-kilometer Greater Patagonian Trail along the southern Andes. The phenomenal climber Alex Honnold was recently in Chile, and Pilar Lascar was there to interview and profile him for Patagon Journal. We also feature an interview with Don Weeden about the Weeden Foundation’s three decades of supporting environmental initiatives in Chile, a photo essay from southern Chile’s Cristian Aguirre, and Javiera Ide reviews some of the best hotels at Torres del Paine National Park. And this issue includes still more about nature, the environment, culture, travel and outdoor sports in Patagonia and the world’s last wild places. your social media marketing partner

Special event celebrating 5 years of Patagon Journal and the Third Patagonia Photo Contest

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More than 200 people arrived on Tuesday evening, May 30, to join Patagon Journal in celebrating 5 years of the magazine and the award ceremony and exhibition of the Third Patagonia Photo Contest.
The spectacular exhibition, which will be on display at the Centro Arte Alameda in Santiago for one month, features the 12 winning photos in the travel & culture, nature, environment and outdoor sports categories, as well as the winner of the Readers Prize and three honorable mentions.
The winner of the grand prize of the contest, Angel Adaro, received a trip for 3 days and 2 nights for two people to go on a winter trek in Torres del Paine National Park with Chile Nativo. In addition, he received a stay at Hotel Remota in Puerto Natales for two nights for two people, and tickets for two to travel on board the Navimag ship on their Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales route along the Chilean Patagonia coast.

The winners in each category received a gift card of 150.000 Chilean pesos (approx.. $US225) for purchasing products at the Patagonia stores in Chile and the second place winners received hand-crafted sun glasses from Karun. The winner of the Readers Prize won a stay for two persons for two nights, courtesy of Tompkins Conservation, at their Valle Chacabuco lodge in the new Patagonia National Park.
The panel of judges for the photo contest included Celine Frers, an Argentine photographer whose photos are featured in books such as Colores de Corrientes, Cielos Patagónicos and Tierra de Gauchos; Brian O’Keefe, one of the top fly fishing photographers in the world; and Pablo Valenzuela, one of Chile’s leading photographers whose works are also found in a plethora of photo exhibit-format books and expositions throughout the country.
Valenzuela also spoke during the award ceremony about photography in Patagonia, stressing the importance of capturing photographic moments with both the mind and heart. Other speakers included Hernan Mladinic, executive director of Tompkins Conservation, who gave a talk about the recently announced network of national parks in Patagonia that includes the creation of five new national parks in Chilean Patagonia; and Paulo Urrutia, a geologist, kayaker and member of the environmental group Bestias del Sur Salvaje, who spoke about how athletes who enjoy outdoor sports in the region should get more involved in confronting environmental problems in southern Chile.
The event also hosted the premiere of the documentary “Costa Perdida,” about a sea kayak expedition by Chilean explorer Cristian Donoso, who together with Spanish filmmaker Roger Rovira last year paddled 600 kilometers inside Bernard O’Higgins National Park.
After the video documentary, the attendees enjoyed a reception that included cheeses from Lacteos Futaleufu, wines from Viña Perez Cruz, and microbrews from Cerveza Quimera.
Below, more photos from the special event: 
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