Colin Haley and Marc-Andre Leclerc climb Travesia del Oso Buda in Patagonia

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PlanetMountain.com - From 18 - 21 January 2015 Colin Haley and Marc-André Leclerc climbed Cerro Torre, Torre Egger, Punta Herron and Cerro Standhardt, This new traverse from south to north has been called Travesia del Oso Buda, in memory of Bjørn-Eivind Årtun and Chad Kellogg.

Cerro Torre free soloed in whiteout conditions

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Alpinist and Pataclimb - On December 27, Austrian alpinist Markus Pucher free soloed the Ragni route (M4 90 degrees, 600m) on the west face of Cerro Torre for the second time. He had free soloed this route back in early 2013, when he blazed up it in a mere 3:15. What was unique about his recent ascent is that it was carried out during a raging storm. No other ascent was done that day in the entire massif. Most climbers stayed safely inside the warmth of their hostels.

Avalanches explained: How people trigger disasters

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National Geographic News - Cartoon avalanches start with a snowball merrily rolling downhill, picking up more snow as it travels. That's not how it really works, say avalanche experts, which explains the deadly results of recent avalanches that caught hikers off guard in Nepal.

Gran Torre del Cortaderal, Corona del Diablo, and various peaks

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American Alpine Journal - In November 2013, Christian Quezada, Ricardo Hernandez, Ulises Espinosa, and I (all members of the Grupo de Alta Montaña de los Perros Alpinos), traveled to the University and Cortaderal glaciers, which are located south of Santiago and comprise the second largest glacial zone in Chile; the Patagonian Ice Cap is the largest. The area is composed of more than seven independent glaciers, covering an area approximately 70km long and 5km wide.

Tribute: Remembering legendary skiers JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson

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Nat Geo Adventure - At approximately 12:30 p.m. local time, on Monday, September 29, JP Auclair, 37, and Andreas Fransson, 31, two of the world’s premiere professional skiers, climbed up a narrow, 50-to-55-degree, approximately 3,000-foot couloir on Cerro San Lorenzo, a 12,158-foot peak that straddles the border of Argentina and Chile in the Patagonian Andes.They planned to ski the couloir, which was to be a highlight of their two-week trip to Patagonia, according to Miles Smart, an American guide living in Chamonix and close friend of Fransson.

Argentina suggests Winter Games bid from Patagonia

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AP - Argentina says it is considering bidding for future Olympics, including offering the Patagonia region as a possible host of the Winter Games.

Skiers JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson are killed in Chile avalanche

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Adventure Journal Canadian JP Auclair and Swede Andreas Fransson, two of skiing brightest stars, are dead in a 700-meter avalanche that struck Cerro San Lorenzo in the Andes yesterday. Uninjured were Swedish filmmaker Bjarne Salen and photographer Daniel Rönnbäck, Biobio Chile reported.

Volcan Aguilera, first ascent in Patagonia by the Uncharted expedition

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PlanetMountain.com - The Uncharted expedition comprised of Camilo Rada, Natalia Martinez, Ines Dusaillant, Viviana Callahan and Evan Miles has made the first ascent of Volcan Aguilera (2480m) on the South Patagonian Icefield. Furthermore, during the return across the Hielos Continentales the team ascended four other previously unclimbed peaks. The report by Camilo Rada.

Torre Egger: Italians Patagonia bound (video)

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Planetmountain.com - From 11 September to 15 November Ermanno Salvaterra, Tomas Franchini, Nicola Binelli and Francesco Salvaterra will return to Patagonia to try and complete their new route, which they started in November 2013, up the centre of the West Face of Torre Egger.

Ice-swimming grannies defy age and cold in Patagonia

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(AFP) - At 67 years old, grandmother Margot Anderson could be enjoying the quiet retired life at home in England.
Instead, she works a string of part-time jobs so she can afford to be standing at the foot of a pale blue glacier in Patagonia, about to jump into near-freezing water with 53 other extreme swimmers from around the world.
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