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Argentina to relaunch Patagonic train

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Business News Americas - Argentina will re-launch the suspended Patagonia railway service in southern Río Negro province, the interior ministry said in a statement.

Travel: Chile's land of ice blue lakes

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BBC - The Carretera Austral could be one of the most spectacular and challenging cycle tours in the world. It is made of endless stretches of empty dirt roads surrounded by forests, mountains, glaciers and lakes, with scenic villages, free campsites and hot springs along the way. The route is so remote that some days you might only see a jinete (horseman) trot by with his band of dogs. But the journey is not unachievable – all you need is a sturdy bike, a knack for light packing and a sense of adventure to make this the cycle tour of a lifetime.

Travel: In the land of lost giants

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National Geographic Traveller - Getting lost can be a good thing. For some reason, I’d noted the name of the hotel in northern Patagonia — La Escondida — but hadn’t double-checked to make sure it was the only one. When I arrive and ask for my key, the reality dawns: I’m five hours south of my destination, hungry and worn out.
I change plans and stay put for the night. La Escondida means ‘the hidden one’. Perhaps it’s fate.

Travel: Picking Patagonia parks

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Huffington Post - Not everything has a Hunger Games ending where two winners are chosen. So, what happens when you have two equally gorgeous parks in one of the most picturesque places on the globe, but can only choose one? The vast region of Patagonia covers two countries, 800,000 square kilometers, and is one of the more remote and least populated areas on the globe. It's home to beautiful parks spread out across the region. But, once you start planning your Patagonia vacation, you quickly come to the conclusion you won't have enough time to cover it all. You may be forced to decide -- if you could only see and spend time in one of Patagonia's famous parks, which one should you choose?

NYT: Churches and cheap seafood off the coast of Chile

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New York Times - Around dusk on my last day in Chiloé, an archipelago just off the coast of southern Chile, I finally made it to the farthest point on the island of Lemuy, winding around sheep farms on tidy dirt roads to a little town called Detif, home of one of Chiloé’s traditional wooden churches, which are recognized as a World Heritage site by Unesco.

Chile's Torres del Paine National Park selected as 8th wonder of the world by VirtualTourist voters

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PRNewswire -, a leading travel research website and community that is part of TripAdvisor Media Group, announced today that after more than five million worldwide votes, Turismo Chile's entry of Torres del Paine National Park has been named the "8th Wonder of the World."  

Chile’s plans for an ambitious new tourist route in the south

E-mail Print - Winding through valleys full of evergreen trees, alongside crystal blue rivers and around the mighty snow capped Andes mountains, this is the aim for a new tourism trail set to run for nearly 200 hundred miles and through both Chile and Argentina.

Iconic Chilean route takes top spot on list of best treks

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This is Chile Unmatched views, soaring condors, pristine glaciers and impressive peaks are just a few of the many reasons to embark on the famous W trek through Chile’s Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. But you don’t have to take our word for it — travel experts at Lonely Planet sang the same praises as they named the classic route the number one multi-day trek without high altitude.

Chile’s Torres del Paine: 8th wonder of the world?

E-mail Print - The turquoise waterways, the rolling pampas, the twisting granite turrets of the Paine Massif: these things and more draw thousands of travelers to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine every year. Now, there is a chance this iconic national park could be officially recognised as one of the planet’s most remarkable places

Private Patagonia - Cordillera Baguales

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BackpackerBaguales means “feral,” and this vast, arid region on the Chile-Argentina border got its name from herds of wild horses that roam here. But it could have derived from the terrain or its people, too: The area, three hours northeast of Natales, is a sprawling no-man’s land with no towns or paved roads.