Can photography help us through environmental crisis?

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Defending the Puelo Valley on horseback

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By Cristobal Perez  
The citizen movement to protect the Puelo River watershed continues to build momentum through protests, social media and lawsuits in the courts. This time it was a protest on horseback. More than thirty riders led their majestic horses through the streets of Puerto Montt on Monday morning, with nearly 300 protestors joining them on foot as they marched to the downtown office of the intendente (equivalent to a governor) of Chile’s Los Lagos Region.

CODEFF: Serious health and environmental crisis in the Gulf of Penas and Aysén Fjord

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Translation by Brent Harlow
In recent weeks, the media, the National Fishing and Agriculture Service (SERNAPESCA), and universities have all joined efforts to “contain” a health and environmental crisis involving two distinct phenomena. The first is playing out at salmon farms in the Aysén Fjord, the second involves a red tide event further to the southwest, in the Gulf of Penas, facing the Pacific Ocean.

Making conservation history: Interview with Kris Tompkins

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The new Patagonia National Park. Photo: Conservacion PatagonicaThe new Patagonia National Park. Photo: Conservacion Patagonica
Twenty-six years after Douglas Tompkins purchased the initial properties that would later form the world’s largest private conservation project in history, his dream has become reality. On Wednesday, Chile President Michelle Bachelet formally accepted a proposal from Tompkins Conservation, the non-profit organization formed by Tompkins to implement his conservation activities, to create what will become one of the great jewels of the world – a magnificent network of 17 national parks in Chilean Patagonia.

Fly Fishing Show 2017: Interview with Ben Furimsky

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Patagon Journal has had an alliance with the Fly Fishing Show, the largest fly fishing event in the United States, for some four years now. This year we renewed that partnership. Ben Furimsky, the president and ceo of the Fly Fishing Show, spoke with us about the great success and some of the changes with this year’s events, which were held in seven cities from January through early March: Denver (CO), Marlborough (MA), Somerset (NJ), Atlanta (GA), Lynwood (WA), Pleasanton (CA), and Lancaster (PA).

NRDC InfoMap: Protect Chile’s Patagonia with clean energy alternatives to mega dams

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Mount Fitz Roy: Surmounting a dream

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By Michael Sanchez
Translation by Abigail Nobes
Editors Note: The following is from Issue 13.
Unbearable are the nights spent waiting for the chance to be there again. I had already tried to go before, without success, and now I looked for a new opportunity. My first attempt to climb Mount Fitz Roy was during the winter season. Unfortunately, one of my closest climbing friends, and others, suffered severe frostbite, which caused us to turn away from the summit. The next summer, poor weather conditions made us give up again, further still transforming Fitz Roy into the mountain of my dreams. 

Issue 13 - National Parks

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In our fifth anniversary issue, we feature a special section about national parks and, as always, diverse other articles on 100 pages about nature and the environment, culture, travel and outdoor sports in Patagonia and the world’s last wild places.

Before leaving for the Patagonian Icefields

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By Andrés Pinto 
Translation by Patrick Nixon
Photos by Carlos Hevia
Editors Note: Andrés Pinto is part of the Vida Glaciar project, part of the University of Chile mountaineering club, which seeks to transmit to the public the importance of the Andean glaciers and the need for their protection. This month they will be going on a 3-week expedition to the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields. 
We needed to climb, but the weather was not working in our favor, even though we wanted to run into a storm. The route was closed and our options were diminishing. Our idea was to do our last practice on the ice of the hanging glacier before heading off on February 2 to Patagonia to try and summit one of the mountains we had planned for, and of course, collect the necessary audiovisual data for our educational project.
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