Tips for visiting the Carretera Austral during Covid 19

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Bike tourism at Lago Tagua Tagua. Bike tourism at Lago Tagua Tagua.

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Patagonia Verde, a Chilean government program that promotes tourism in a vast territory of the south of the country, is working to open up for business during the pandemic. Here are a few tips on how to safely visit what is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Total solar eclipse of 2020

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Eclipse from Tierra del Fuego. Photo: Eduardo HernandezEclipse from Tierra del Fuego. Photo: Eduardo Hernandez
Yesterday, December 14th, we experienced a rare and very special astronomical event in southern Chile and Argentina: a total eclipse of the sun, with the moon passing between the sun and our planet, completely blocking the sun’s vital warmth and light and in some places turning day into absolute darkness for about 2 minutes. Other places did not experience “totality” but they did view a wonderful spectacle in the sky. Here in Puerto Varas, for example, the moon eclipsed 93% of the sun, while in Santiago it was about 80%.

A conservation oasis: hiking in Tagua Tagua Park

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Photo: Caterinna del Rio GiovanniniPhoto: Caterinna del Rio Giovannini
By Caterinna del Río Giovannini
If I told you that there is a park in Chile with a hidden entrance, so difficult to find that only those who know it can take you to it, and that even being a couple of meters away you wouldn't be able to distinguish it, would you believe me?

We have a winner! The Reader’s Choice Award

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The blue is leaving. Photo: Iván BerriosThe blue is leaving. Photo: Iván Berrios
The three-week voting period for the public to choose its favorite photo among the 40 finalists in the 5th Patagonia Photo Contest came to a close on Tuesday, December 1.

Interview with Nicolás Piwonka: Photography in Patagonia

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Photo: Nicolas PiwonkaPhoto: Nicolas Piwonka
By Patrick Nixon
Nicolás Piwonka, a professional photographer for more than four decades, has been featured in multiple expositions, worked as a scientific advisor and photographer for television programs in Chile such as the series La Tierra en que Vivimos, and has published numerous nature and landscape photography books. His most recent book is Patagonia: The Wild Side. Also a biologist, from 1994 to 2000 he helped create and lead Parque Ahuenco in Chiloe. Patagon Journal editor-at-large Patrick Nixon interviewed Piwonka recently as part of a special series of online conversations via our Facebook page. Excerpts:
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