Santiago Mountain Film Festival 2016 open for submissions



Santiago Mountain Film Festival has opened the submission process for the South American films section of their 17th annual event. 
The finalists will be shown September 29 in the auditorium of San Sebastián University, at their Bellavista campus in Santiago. The winners will be announced on October 1 at the closing ceremony of the festival.

Patagon Journal Reader Survey

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Patagonia from space

NASA has long had a large database with photographs taken from space by astronauts. Wonderful photos with "out of this world" perspectives. From time to time photos of the glaciers and mountains of the southern Andes appear, and last month, during mission 47 of the International Space Station, something happened and they published more photos than ever before, gifting us extraordinary views of our beloved Patagonia. After reviewing more than 2000 I share my favorites. - Camilo Rada

Cerro Castillo in winter

By Tomás Moggia
Editors Note: The following is from Issue 8
At a distance, Cerro Castillo reveals itself almost like an inexpugnable fortress, covered with peaks and needles that jut deep into the Patagon sky.  However, it’s strong central peak rises with even greater prominence.  The name of this mountain matches perfectly its imposing figure, which is often pummeled by inclement weather.  It is not uncommon to see clouds beating and whipping its vertical walls.

Bariloche residents call for a new sewage waste plant

Photo: Tasha Filomeno y Nahuel AlonsoPhoto: Tasha Filomeno y Nahuel Alonso
By Clara Ribera
Bariloche’s local community has been denouncing for six years now that the treatment plant that processes the sewage waste in the city is insufficient after the rapid expansion of this Argentine Patagonian lakeside resort town in recent years.

Beyond Coyhaique’s air pollution

 Photo: Gaddiel GómezPhoto: Gaddiel Gómez
By Clara Ribera
Translaton by Nancy Moore
Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) named Coyhaique, the capital of Chile’s Aysen region, the most polluted city in the Americas.
The city, with a population of just over 60,000 people, appears in the list with an annual concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2,5) of 64 ug/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter).

Crisis in Chiloé: Interview with Ecoceanos director Juan Carlos Cárdenas

Juan Carlos Cárdenas is a veterinarian and executive director of the Santiago-based marine protection group Centro Ecocéanos. For 38years, he has led research, conservation and activism activities in Chile and internationally on marine biodiversity and marine mammal issues. From 1990-96, he was the coordinator of Greenpeace Latin America campaigns to protect dolphins and create an Antarctica Whale Sanctuary. Cárdenas spoke with Patagon Journal's Ignacio Palma about the crisis in Chiloé, which he says is the result of 25 years of salmon industry expansion. 
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