The anniversary of Villa la Angostura, my town

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Villa la Angostura. Photo: Diego MeierVilla la Angostura. Photo: Diego Meier

By Diego Meier
Villa la Angostura, in Patagonia, is my place in the world. I had the luck to be born here and then after moving far away for my studies, I chose to return. This place continues to inspire me to get outside and experience up close its forests, mountains and landscapes. And I enjoy simply greeting the people on its streets and getting to know them.

Restoring the Darwin's rhea at the future Patagonia National Park

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Photo: Justin LotakPhoto: Justin Lotak


By Cristián Saucedo 
Translation by Brent Harlow
Three years ago, Conservación Patagónica began its Darwin’s Rhea Conservation Program with the construction of a breeding center and the installation of park rangers to patrol, take censuses, and set up camera traps to monitor wild Darwin’s rheas and identify threats to their survival.

Can photography help us through environmental crisis?

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Defending the Puelo Valley on horseback

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By Cristobal Perez  
The citizen movement to protect the Puelo River watershed continues to build momentum through protests, social media and lawsuits in the courts. This time it was a protest on horseback. More than thirty riders led their majestic horses through the streets of Puerto Montt on Monday morning, with nearly 300 protestors joining them on foot as they marched to the downtown office of the intendente (equivalent to a governor) of Chile’s Los Lagos Region.

CODEFF: Serious health and environmental crisis in the Gulf of Penas and Aysén Fjord

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Translation by Brent Harlow
In recent weeks, the media, the National Fishing and Agriculture Service (SERNAPESCA), and universities have all joined efforts to “contain” a health and environmental crisis involving two distinct phenomena. The first is playing out at salmon farms in the Aysén Fjord, the second involves a red tide event further to the southwest, in the Gulf of Penas, facing the Pacific Ocean.
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