Festival Nómade: celebrating ethnic music and Huilliche culture

The Chilean coastal ecosystem known as Cordillera de la Costa, situated just west of the city of Osorno in the Los Lagos region of southern Chile, hides a paradise of white sand beaches and turquoise waters together with dense, tangled Valdivian temperate rainforest that extends to the Pacific coast. It is a place rich in biodiversity, where it is still possible to find ancient alerces.  As well, one can find a still thriving Huilliche indigenous culture here that has largely remained faithful to its ancestral traditions. To protect the native forest and indigenous communities, in 2000 a network of indigenous parks was created called Mapu Lahual, which in the native Mapudungun language means “land of alerces.” 

Issue 7 - The Photographic Issue

At Patagon Journal, we are thrilled to present you with our new edition, “The Photographic Issue.” About two-thirds of this edition is jam-packed with incredible photo stories, and it is without doubt our most beautiful magazine yet. In particular, four extensive photographic essays from some of the best photographers working today in Patagonia. Brian O’Keefe, co-founder of Catch Magazine, gives us stunning images of Patagonia from the perspective of fly fishing at the region’s rivers and lakes. We have a photo essay highlighting the minimalist photography of our contributing editor, Pablo Valenzuela. There is an environmental photo essay from Bridget Besaw, an award-winning photographer for several magazines in the United States. And renowned Chilean photographer Augusto Dominguez contributes a nature photo essay from the wilds of Patagonia.

Adventure Travel World Summit 2015 in Chile

By Jorge Moller
The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is an organization that brings together more than 1,000 members in the adventure travel industry from around the world, including specialized tour operators, media, products, and consultants, among others. Chile has participated in this organization for more than seven years through Turismo Chile, seeing an important opportunity to promote our travel sector to this niche. Every year a summit is organized in different parts of the world that brings together more than 700 members for a four day event to discuss issues and industry trends such as marketing, sustainability, social networks, and business practices. 

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Gobierno y empresarios chilenos pretenden declarar a la Cuenca de los Ríos Puelo y Manso como "Zona de Sacrificio"

Por Lucas Chiappe
¿Cómo describir de manera "imparcial y objetiva" una serie de proyectos demandados por las corporaciones mineras y aprobados por el anterior Gobierno, como si se tratara de una panacea para el desarrollo de esta región, cuando el lugar directamente afectado por esta búsqueda implacable de energía hidroeléctrica, es uno de los rincones más bellos de la Patagonia chilena… y, de llevarse adelante esta primera central de pasada de las 19 en carpeta (además de la anunciada represa El Portón, que inundaría 6.000 Has de bosques prístinos y valles productivos), sería destinado a convertirse en una de las 6 "Zonas de Sacrificio" proyectadas por la actual administración?

Puesco Fest: celebrating free flowing rivers

Snow-capped volcanoes, mountain lakes, rapid rivers and thick native forest are some of the features of the areas in and around Pucón and Curarrehue in southern Chile’s Araucania region. Its also a region that even today hosts a Mapuche indigenous culture which has a deep connection with the Earth. Now, this area is targeted en masse by small-scale hydroelectric dam projects. Just in these two municipalities alone some 59 permits have been granted for the construction of dams.

Interview: Eugenio Guzman and Mount San Valentin

Photo: Eugenio GuzmanPhoto: Eugenio Guzman
With a passion for high summits, the remote, and the unexplored, Chilean mountaineer Eugenio “Kiko”  Guzman, has led or taken part in numerous expeditions and climbs around the world, including Mt. Everest, Mt. McKinley (Alaska), Carstensz Pyramid (Indonesia), and Mt. Lhotse. In 2002, he participated in the first unsupported crossing of the Ellsworth Mountains Range in Antarctica. The business manager of Instituto Vertical in Santiago Chile, Kiko also has vast experience in Patagonia, and counts among his top mountaineering feats his participation in the first ascent in winter of Monte San Valentin, the highest summit in Patagonia.  Patagon Journal recently interviewed Kiko about his experience at San Valentin for our most recent issue. Excerpts: 
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