Crisis in Chiloé: Interview with Ecoceanos director Juan Carlos Cárdenas

Juan Carlos Cárdenas is a veterinarian and executive director of the Santiago-based marine protection group Centro Ecocéanos. For 38years, he has led research, conservation and activism activities in Chile and internationally on marine biodiversity and marine mammal issues. From 1990-96, he was the coordinator of Greenpeace Latin America campaigns to protect dolphins and create an Antarctica Whale Sanctuary. Cárdenas spoke with Patagon Journal's Ignacio Palma about the crisis in Chiloé, which he says is the result of 25 years of salmon industry expansion. 

81,525 reasons to watch this video

By Patricio Segura
The video was launched a month ago via Facebook and it already has more than 80 thousand views. To be more specific, at the moment it has 81,525 views, a great success for a video project like this according to the Santiago-based environmental group Chile Sustentable.

UN excludes large dams from renewables

By Patricio Segura

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has reaffirmed what the world understands to be clean energy, a conviction that should also be advanced here in Chile. In late March the UNEP launched the tenth edition of its report, “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2016.” The report, conducted jointly by the Frankfurt School and Bloomberg New Energy Finance, accounts for global annual growth of sustainable technologies.


Overpopulated Cochamo

(Photo: Carlos Gutierrez)(Photo: Carlos Gutierrez)
Tourism to this Chilean climbing hub in northern Patagonia has more than doubled over the past three years. But experts worry Cochamo's carrying capacity is being surpassed, damaging the environment and tourism. 

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In March, climbing tournaments from north to south in Chile

Two important climbing tournaments are on tap this month in Chile, both rock and boulder, confirming once more the growing popularity that this sport is now experiencing in the country.

Futaleufú XL: Interview with Chilean pro kayaker Marcos Gallegos

On Monday, more than 30 kayaks were on the Espolón River - kids, teenagers, and novice kayakers  - participating in preliminary events part of the first-ever Futaleufú XL and Festival del Río.  Taking place from February 22 to 27, the event is both a Whitewater Grand Prix Qualifier competition with kayakers coming from all over the globe and a festival with cultural activities featuring Patagonian music, gastronomy, and dance.
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