How do we take care of our rivers?

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 Rio Simpson. Photo: Matias MondacaRio Simpson. Photo: Matias Mondaca

By Tamara Toro Teutsch

Editors Note: The following is from Issue 20.
I cast a fly that floats like a moth and wait as it drifts into the nearest pool. The water is flat as a mirror and in its reflection I can see the color of the sky changing from light blue to orange and then to lilac. Night falls. While we take down and put away our tackle, a kingfisher observes us from a fallen tree trunk on the opposite shore. We set off filled with that warm satisfaction of a good day’s fishing, carrying bags filled with hooks, improvised BBQ grills, cans and bottles that we found scattered everywhere. In addition to releasing all of the fish, we try to leave as little trace on the riverbank as possible.

Scientists and activists meet to discuss threats and challenges for Chilean Patagonia

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By Kurt Castro
This past Friday, July 26, the Patagon Journal seminar "A Sustainable Future for Patagonia" was held at the auditorium of Fundación Espacio Telefónica in Santiago. The event brought together scientists and experts from various disciplines to confront and anticipate the threats and challenges for Chilean Patagonia in the years and decades to come.

Russian rows from New Zealand to Cape Horn in 150 days

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Text and phtoos by Ignacio Palma
Translation by Brent Harlow
Puerto Williams – More than 150 days passed since Fedor Konyukhov left New Zealand. On December 6, 2018, he started across the Southern Ocean, alone in his boat, rowing until he eventually reached the waters of Cape Horn. And on a Saturday afternoon, on a calm Beagle Channel and under a resplendent sun, he was close to touching land again as he navigated toward Puerto Williams, a city located on Navarino Island, Chile.

Seminar: “A Sustainable Future for Patagonia"

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Next Friday, July 26, from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, at the auditorium of Espacio Fundacion Telefonica in Santiago, Chile, Patagon Journal invites you to join us for our special seminar: “A Sustainable Future for Patagonia.”

Issue 20 - Penguin Nation

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In our cover story this issueWayne Bernhardson and Jimmy Langman write about travel in the Falkland Islands. A naturalist’s paradise, diverse birds and marine mammals like elephant seals and sea lions are in abundance. Most spectacular, there are more than a million penguins throughout the archipelago. Yet, there are serious environmental threats to that wildlife, too, as Jimmy Langman writes in a companion story. 
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