How to catch trout (video)

The cover story in our current issue of Patagon Journal centers on how to catch the giant trophy trout in Patagonia. We recommend this video below from Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center for more advice in general on trout fishing. In the video you'll learn about the habits of trout, and other key tips.  Says Orvis: "Trout are seldom found every place in a stream and choose their location based on current, food supply, and protection. Learn how to narrow down your choices by fishing in the most likely places." 

The Mapuche I know

I have had the privilege of meeting many Mapuches. Some in rural communities and others in urban zones; some who are vocal about being Mapuche and others who keep their voices low about it. My role as a foreign journalist living in Chile has allowed me endless opportunities to share with them in many circumstances. For this reason, the recent attacks allegedly by Mapuches in southern Chile have left me shocked, along with many other people, because those actions are far-out from what it means to be Mapuche. I was also surprised by the warmonger response from the government and their announcement of a "frontal attack on terrorism." If there are "about 122 terrorists" as Interior Minister Chadwick asserts, let's not forget that there are more than a million people who recognize themselves as Mapuche in Chile.

Endesa plans dams for Futaleufu River

Futaleufú Riverkeeper, press release, Jan. 8 -- Fundación Futaleufú Riverkeeper, the first Waterkeeper program in Patagonia, informs that Endesa has announced it is advancing on 17 energy projects, including the megaproject Centrales Futaleufú. With a total installed capacity of 1,367 MW, the dams on the Futaleufú would together become the second-largest project in Patagonia, only surpassed by the HidroAysen project on the Baker and Pascua Rivers. The Futaleufú Riverkeeper will continue monitoring the development of this project and will be working with local communities and other organizations to develop a response to these threats.

FutaFest 2013

Grab your paddle, because the Futaleufú River in Chilean Patagonia’s Palena region is gearing up for its 5th annual FutaFest on February 21-24.

On pumas, guanaco, ranchers, and politicians

Two stories that appeared recently in the news and on social media have left me astonished, as I imagine happened with many people who live in Argentine Patagonia. This is a sort of “amen” regarding the eternal discussion about intellectual faculties by those who govern our destinies, and their incapacity to see beyond special interests of those who apply pressure to present laws or decrees that are absolutely retrogressive and scandalously unhinged.

Issue 3

Some things take more time to ripen, we're pleased to present you Issue 3 of Patagon Journal, which we think was well worth the wait. In this special fly fishing edition, veteran fly fisherman Rodrigo Sandoval tells us how to capture some of the biggest trout in the world, in Patagonia. In 2004, British author Simon Worrall wrote a lengthy feature story about Patagonia for National Geographic. His work on that article led to his book The River of Desire: A Journey of the Heart Through Patagonia, with which we are fortunate to publish a long excerpt. Jonathan Byers shows how climate change is affecting mountains; in our Interview, Chilean mammal biologist Agustin Iriarte explains the current threats to Patagonian wildlife; Andres Amengual gives a stunning photo essay on the Puelo River Valley; and we have travel stories on the unlimited luxuries with Nomads of the Seas and on Aysen's spectacular Valle Exploradores.  If you have not yet purchased a subscription, you can do so here.

1st Patagonia Photo Contest

Patagon Journal is proud to announce the launch of its first Patagonia Photo Contest. The contest is open to photo submissions not only from Chileans and Argentines, but from anyone around the word who has visited and photographed this beautiful region.
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