Launch party, new video, and next issue

Patagon Journal's Chile launch party tour began in Puerto Varas last December, then Punta Arenas in early March, and last week landed in Santiago, where we were welcomed by a full house at the elegant Restaurante Republicano in Bellavista. We were honored to have Ana Stipicic of Alerta Isla Riesco and Cesar Ramirez, marketing campaigns coordinator for Sernatur (Chile's National Tourism Service), give rousing speeches on behalf of the magazine. And thanks to Vistamar for their spectacular wine. Check out all of the photos on our Facebook page here
We were unable to show our new video due to technical difficulties, but we are excited to show it now (below the English version):

Bird-like dinosaur and her eggs discovered in Patagonia


An Argentine-Swedish team of paleontologists have found the remains of an Alvarezsaurus in the Rio Negro province of Argentine Patagonia. Among the fossils were remnants of eggs that the researchers believe were still inside the body of the turkey-sized dinosaur when she died.


Aysen: Del violento boom pesquero a la actualidad

En estos días los argentinos lloran a sus jóvenes inocentes caídos en Las Malvinas. En estos días, aun hay quienes siguen con ánimo, lenguaje y acciones de guerra en Aisén. La guerra es absurda y suelen pagar sus costos las y los inocentes. Inocentes que suelen servir de “carne de cañón” para ocultos objetivos político-económicos. La guerra es una escalada en la espiral de la violencia, la que se sabe más o menos como comienza y en la que finalmente terminan siendo todos consumidos por el odio.

Turismo en Aysén, respetando y no imponiendo

Uno de los puntos fundamentales para el desarrollo de Aysén, ha sido desde siempre su belleza escénica y la calidad ambiental que posee, que va en relación directa con nuestra cultura y forma de hacer. Haciendo del territorio algo especial, muy valorado por su calidad de vida y por lo que eso representa en si mismo, proyectando a Aysén como “Reserva de Vida” y territorio de excepción. Es un valor que debemos cuidar por sobre todas las cosas, porque es lo que marca la diferenciación positiva ante nosotros mismos, el país y el mundo en general, es la esencia misma de lo que somos como cultura.

Supreme Court's split ruling favors HidroAysén, but tides are turning

Chile’s Supreme Court made a landmark decision today, voting 3-2 in favor of HidroAysén and against appeals filed by opponents to the large hydroelectric project in Patagonia. This much anticipated and ultimately disappointing ruling shows that big business—particularly in the energy sector—still trumps environmental, social and even legal concerns in Chile. Yet the two dissenting votes also represent hope that these concerns are gaining importance inside the government. Fortunately, HidroAysén is still far from a done deal, with several administrative recourses remaining for opponents of the $10 billion project to continue their appeals. Also, the project’s 1200 mile-long transmission line still has to start the environmental impact review process, which will likely take years.

High court suspends Ecopower wind farm on Chiloe Island

Chile’s Supreme Court suspended on Friday the environmental approval of a controversial wind farm planned for Chiloe Island in southern Chile. Many scientists and environmental groups had expressed concern that the Chilean-Swedish owned Ecopower’s plan to construct 56 wind turbines on Mar Brava beach at Chiloe could threaten one of the most important habitats in the Southern Hemisphere for the endangered great blue whale due to increased boat traffic and possible acoustic contamination from the construction and operation of the wind farm.

Baguales Project: Saving wild horses

Recently, we received an email about the "Baguales Proyect" from Nicolas Rouviere, a French photographer who lives in Puerto Varas. 
On a trip to southern Tierra del Fuego, Rouviere says he came upon several wild horses in the private park Yendegaia, a 95,000-hectare ex-cattle ranch that the Yendegaia Foundation hopes to one day donate to the Chilean government to form part of nearby Agostini National Park. 
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