Renewables on the rise in Chile

Clean, sustainable energy technologies like wind, solar and geothermal power are on the rise in Chile – and with gusto. Chile’s Renewable Energy Center just released its monthly report on the state of non-conventional renewable energy* projects, and the report shows that far more generating capacity from these sources is in the pipeline than many people projected just a few years ago: 5,177 MW are already approved, and 3,660 MW more in environmental review. It is clear that private companies’ confidence in the sector is strong, even if the government’s interest has recently waned, as displayed when the administration rescinded its own goal to have 20 percent of national energy generation come from renewables by 2020. When you combine these numbers for renewables with the untapped potential for energy efficiency, plus expectations for–another unanticipated major player—liquefied natural gas (LNG), it is evident that there is simply no need for Chile to build new dinosaur conventional power plants like HidroAysén.

Trout fishing and the weather


Have you wondered why are there some years when fishing in a place appears wonderful, out of this world, and then without explanation there are years in which in the same place there is difficult or poor fishing the entire season? In general, and for many this is anecdotal, it constitutes a mystery that is also an attraction which gives fishing a special spice.  But there are also those like me who need more information on the subject, and want to know how to interpret it. 


Reforest Patagonia campaign advances

Matias Anguita running at the Patagonia International Marathon last month (photo courtesy Reforestemos Patagonia)
Two thousand pesos, or four dollars, is a cinch to spend. In Chile, it can buy a 5-minute cab ride, one tall chai latte at Starbucks, three trips on the subway, or a 1/4 kilo of turkey ham. Unfortunately, all these things feed our ever-growing carbon footprint. Thanks to the Reforest Patagonia campaign, we can use that same amount of money to compensate for our carbon excesses and help heal Patagonia’s ecosystems at the same time.

Volcan Osorno special offer to Patagon Journal readers


Spring has arrived in Patagonia, the sun is shining brighter, but that does not spell the end just yet to skiing and snowboarding in these parts.

There are least another four good weeks of snow left on Volcan Osorno, we're told by contributing editor Francisco Castaño. That means there is also still time to cash in on the 30 percent discount on the ski lift that Volcan Osorno Ski Center is offering to anyone who shows them their back cover ad from our recent winter issue. They will simply stamp the back cover, no need to tear the magazine. 


IUCN calls on Chile to protect Patagonia from HidroAysén transmission development

Highlighting the ongoing international concern about the HidroAysén mega-dam proposal, the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress approved a motion calling on Chile to protect fragile natural areas in Patagonia from transmission line development linked to the controversial project.  Construction of a new transmission line to connect the HidroAysén dams to Chile’s main power grid further north would entail traversing pristine landscapes and could potentially open up the region to further industrialization.
Fortunately, however, Chile has better energy options. Rather than moving forward with destructive projects like HidroAysén, Chile should instead tap into to its abundant renewable energy resources.

El anuncio de carretera electrica

Tal como se había informado, el jueves pasado el presidente Piñera anunció el envío del proyecto de ley de la “carretera eléctrica”, a lo que sumó el anuncio de la licitación para interconectar los sistemas del Norte Grande, SING, con aquel Central, SIC. Además, se había avisado la entrega de ese proyecto para el día siguiente al Congreso. Así se cumpliría la promesa hecha a los empresarios eléctricos tras el “colbunazo”, de sacar esa ley en agosto. Pero, el mismo presidente informó ese jueves que el proyecto será enviado al parlamento recién esta semana. O sea, aun son contados los privilegiados que conocen dicho proyecto de ley, lo cual nos lleva a efectuar análisis sobre dichos y comentarios de otros y sobre el poco común acto de ese anuncio ¿Es que se ha hecho algo parecido con otros proyectos de ley?


Running for Patagonia


We understand why people run marathons. They want to test their limits, tone up, cross it off the bucket list, get high off endorphins, guiltlessly stuff their faces with carbs—all fantastic reasons. But take a breather, because before we finish enticing you with the endless reasons to run the Patagonian International Marathon this September 23, you’ll probably be lacing up your kickers to go train.

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