Torres del Paine: Restoring the Base Torres trail

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 Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Torres del Paine Legacy FundTorres del Paine National Park. Photo: Torres del Paine Legacy Fund

By Jenny Tolep
One of Chile’s most prized possessions, Torres del Paine National Park is a hotspot for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts that currently draws more than 260,000 tourists annually. But sadly, this beloved park is threatened to be loved to death. Increasing numbers of visitors, plus the annual pounding the terrain receives from strong winds and rain, have the park’s trails quickly deteriorating. Without immediate action, the erosion will become too severe and the trails will be permanently damaged. 

River festivals: from protest to proposal

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Biobio Vive Festival. Photo: Victor MansillaBiobio Vive Festival. Photo: Victor Mansilla
By Paulo Urrutia and Tomas Gonzalez
The people who live in Chile’s various watersheds have always celebrated their rivers, even before there were threats to their ecosystems and their communities. In recent years, several festivals have emerged in watersheds around the country with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of these bodies of water.

Biking across the Americas: two Coloradans complete year-long trip

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 Biking near Mendoza, Argentina. Photo: The Spoken TourBiking near Mendoza, Argentina. Photo: The Spoken Tour

By Zoe Baillargeon
Ditch the fear. That was one of the stand-out pieces of advice given to Tommy Crosby and Tyler Michael when they set out from Denver, Colorado, last year to embark on a year-long, 15,000 mile (24,140 km) cycling trip that would culminate at the “end of the world” in Punta Arenas, Chile. Facing a long journey full of unknowns and unfamiliar lands, they did not fret, but to fully enjoy the adventure they threw caution to the wind.

Futaleufú residents raise concern over industrial installation

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 Photo: Cecilia Uribe/Futaleufu RiverkeeperPhoto: Cecilia Uribe/Futaleufu Riverkeeper

By Nancy Moore
Residents in the Chilean Patagonia town of Futaleufú on Saturday came together for a march to call on authorities to protect their valley’s rural, agricultural, and touristic values, and to denounce a recent industrial installation in the area. 

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Chile's massive salmon escape raises concern, and questions

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Salmon farms in Chile. Photo: OCEANA/ Lucas ZanartuSalmon farms in Chile. Photo: OCEANA/ Lucas Zanartu
By Tomas Moggia
Translated by Brent Harlow
In early July, an escape of unprecedented proportions at a salmon farm run by the Norwegian salmon farming giant Marine Harvest caused a national uproar in Chile. Greenpeace called it “an environmental disaster with severe and unimaginable consequences.” According to reports, a storm producing strong winds and rain caused serious structural damage to the Punta Redonda fish farm on Huar Island, located just south of Puerto Montt in the Los Lagos region, freeing some 690,000 Atlantic salmon.

Study: fish species endangered if dams built on the Puelo River

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Puelo River. Photo: Andres AmengualPuelo River. Photo: Andres Amengual
By Iván Vera Escalona
Translation by Zoe Baillargeon

Vestiges of a remote past, glaciers tell us about a different time scale, alien to the human one. Reminiscent of what they once were, the glaciers that hypnotize us so with their celestial flashing, with their roughness or dimensions that at times seem overwhelming, are survivors of another era.

Chile’s plastic bag ban opens possibilities for the future

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By Zoe Baillargeon
Among the many problems facing the health of planet Earth, the issue of plastics pollution is one of the most pressing. And the ubiquity of plastic bags is a particular scourge for our environment.

Chile’s river protector network rejects Alto Maipo complex

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Group photo from VI summit of the Red por los Ríos Libres in Cajón del Maipo, Chile. Photo: Mauricio Ceron Becerra and Pablo MeloGroup photo from VI summit of the Red por los Ríos Libres in Cajón del Maipo, Chile. Photo: Mauricio Ceron Becerra and Pablo Melo
By James Blair and Andrea Becerra
Water scarcity has become a mounting crisis in Chile. The country has been ranked as one of the most prone to water stress in the Western Hemisphere. Despite its reputation as one of the region’s advanced economies, Chile lacks an integrated watershed management system, which could help allocate limited resources efficiently and sustainably. As a result, the country’s rivers have been—and continue to be—threatened by various damaging industries, notably the energy sector.
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