Remember Me Chile

The wonderful story of REMEMBER ME CHILE® began in 2005 when a Puerto Varina created a line of t-shirts for tourists visiting the small and amazing city of Puerto Varas in southern Chile.
Today, REMEMBER ME CHILE® has diverse product lines, including the Penguin Noot and his friends; typography; and drawings of landscapes, Chilean flora and fauna, and sports. In these designs you will find original and unique eye-catching products, all locally handmade in the shop REMEMBER ME CHILE® using the best materials available. Among our handicrafts and gifts, you will find t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats for the whole family, cushions, bags, coffee mugs, and birds of Chile carved and painted in wood.
San Francisco 242 local 5 y 6, Puerto Varas, Region de los Lagos, Chile
56 65-2231634
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