Naviera Austral

Naviera Austral a company founded in July 2005 as the answer to the need of providing passenger, cargo and every type of vehicle transportation services in the macro zone that encompasses from Puerto Montt (Los Lagos Region) to Puerto Chacabuco (Aysen Region).
We execute our activity under quality standards, with a logistic based on safety, efficiency and quality in customer service, in addition to a deep commitment with the economic and social development of this territory.
We have a fleet of ferries and barges suitable for the complex operation zone.
With the conviction that we operate in places with the world’s most unique natural and cultural sites, we invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience aboard our ships.

Puerto Montt – Chaitén –  Quellón - Melinka - Raúl Marín Balmaceda - Santo Domingo – Melimoyu - Puerto Gala - Puerto Cisnes - Puerto Gaviota - Puerto Aguirre - Puerto Chacabuco
Av. Angelmó 1673, Puerto Montt, Chile
(56 65) 2270430
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