Maullin River: Good Fishing Nearby Puerto Varas

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For most fishermen, there exists the idea that to fish for big trout you have to travel far. Most fishermen believe you need to seek out remote places very inaccessible, where only a lucky few can ever hope to arrive. 
The majority of the time it is true that its necessary to travel far to capture large fish or to enter protected places where most fishermen can’t arrive. But here in Puerto Varas, we have the Maullin River, located just a few kilometers outside the city. This river has excellent browns and within just a stretch of 4 kilometers it is possible to fish specimens that many have only dreamed of fishing. This is one of the rivers that escapes logic. You don’t have to travel far, rather you can get here very easily, and still capture good sized-fish along the entire river.
Look at the photo below at this magnificent brown trout that was captured by Hugo. This excellent day of fishing with him and his wife Claudia was especially entertaining. Just as I was telling the both of them that this river seems to always give up marvelous surprises the trout that you see in the photo here began to bite on his line. It was very funny, confirming my words just as I said them. It was exciting and heart-warming as we had already captured at least 15 trout that day, some very beautiful and of great size but none like the trophy from this moment. A divine moment.
Hugo, as soon as the fish bit, knew it was a big bug, and ran two or three times with backing. The first was terrible, and after 10 minutes we took a look and then captured the fish a few minutes afterwards. We did it hurrying up the fight to not tire the fish too much so it might recover as soon as possible. It was a risk but worth seeing as it recovered uneventfully. Perhaps under normal conditions it would have taken at least 15 to 20 minutes to bring it in, but we always try to to prevent unnecessary suffering for the trout so that it may be returned safe and sound to the water in the shortest possible time.
The Puerto Varas area without doubt has many places nearby with good fishing, meeting all the requirements of demanding fishermen: varied types of fish, beautiful landscapes, volcanoes to look at, forests, and big national parks with pristine water. The city itself also has excellent services, including a casino, fine hotels and restaurants, rental car companies, in short, everything that the most demanding tourist would want.
Again, what a fantastic experience on the Maullin with Hugo. I hope to share many more such moments.

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