Puyehue volcano erupts (photo gallery)

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The photographer that won the World Press Photo award for best photo of 2008 for his incredible images of the Chaiten volcano eruption in May of that same year, Carlos Gutiérrez, was near Puyehue at the precise moment to capture the 6 mile-high plume and smoke that soared into the sky from the volcano when in entered into eruption on Saturday, June 4 (a NASA satellite recorded this image from space). The ash cloud moved east across the Andes, darkening the skies of Bariloche, Villa de Angostura and other towns in Argentine Patagonia and leaving them inundated with ash. About 3,500 people living near the volcano in Chile have been evacuated though some have defied warnings and stayed behind to care for their livestock. 

Below a photo gallery from Carlos:



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