Baguales Project: Saving wild horses

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Recently, we received an email about the "Baguales Proyect" from Nicolas Rouviere, a French photographer who lives in Puerto Varas. 
On a trip to southern Tierra del Fuego, Rouviere says he came upon several wild horses in the private park Yendegaia, a 95,000-hectare ex-cattle ranch that the Yendegaia Foundation hopes to one day donate to the Chilean government to form part of nearby Agostini National Park. 
Amid the spectacular natural beauty, however, Rouviere also found that this environmental foundation is removing the Baguales horses and other non-native species in the area. 
"I saw a troop of these beautiful horses in the southern forest there. Wonderful, great, noble...," said Rouviere. "Afterwards, I spoke with the person in charge of Yendegaia and he told me that part of his work there is to eliminate from the park introduced species, such as cows, bulls and horses. What do they do with them? They send them to be butchered!" 
Rouviere, 43, has been riding horses for most of his adult life. The sad destiny of these noble Baguales horses has prompted Rouviere to dream up the Baguales Project, an initiative to save at least 15 of these horses. His plan: go to Yendegaia, get the horses and take them overland through the Cordillera Darwin to the Tierra del Fuego town Porvenir. From there, they will go by truck to Puerto Natales, where they then board a Navimag cruise ship bound for Puerto Montt. Once they arrive, they will get on trucks headed for Cochamo valley, where Rouviere says "the Baguales will be freed to start a new adventure." 
Up to now, Rouviere has won the support of Navimag, which will allow the horses to travel free-of-charge. But he still must raise funds to cover the expenses of the expedition, including transporting the horses by truck and making a video and photo documentary. For more info about the project, or to make a financial contribution, get in touch with Rouviere by email at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Photos: Nicolas Rouviere/Agencia Diaf16

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