4th annual Rain Festival begins in Puerto Varas

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Patagon Journal is based in Puerto Varas, a lakeside town in southern Chile. In summer, it’s bustling with tourists, mostly warm and has blessedly long days. Come winter, the days get darker much sooner, the breeze gets chillier, and the skies open up with rain that sometimes has few pauses for seemingly weeks at a time. Still, there is something to be said for rain. For example, nothing like sleeping to the sound of rain beating down on your roof. You learn in the south of Chile that its all about attitude – one needs to embrace rain with gusto.

Vicki Johnson, a local businesswoman originally from the United States but for the past three decades or so based in Puerto Varas, believes the abundance of rain here is something to celebrate. Four years ago, she put together the town’s first annual Rain Festival and today it is back. From June 15-24, the town will have daily events, contests, music, feasts, and more. Organizers hope to have more than 3,000 different umbrellas filling the streets. Below is the calendar of events and some images from past years.