Running for Patagonia

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We understand why people run marathons. They want to test their limits, tone up, cross it off the bucket list, get high off endorphins, guiltlessly stuff their faces with carbs—all fantastic reasons. But take a breather, because before we finish enticing you with the endless reasons to run the Patagonian International Marathon this September 23, you’ll probably be lacing up your kickers to go train.

To begin, this 10K, 21K and 42K historic race will take place at the Torres del Paine National Park, which has never before been open to a marathon. Basically, the 500 participants from all over the world will be making history. The running circuit is tucked into the impressive land features and passes by Puente Weber and Mirador Nordenskjold among other popular locations.

The race will be hosted by the International Nomads Group South America (NIGSA), the creator of Patagonian Expedition Race. The most delicious part of the event will take place as runners cross the finish line at Hotel Las Torres, where they will be received with a traditional Patagonian asado. But by far the coolest part of the Patagonian International Marathon is its goal to gather trees for the campaign Reforestemos Patagonia, a public-private non-profit initiative to fund the planting of 1 million native trees in Torres del Paine, Laguna San Rafael and other areas affected by the fires in January that devoured 170km2 in the region in a 20-day period. The campaign is a response to this tragedy and an opportunity for both Chileans and internationals to help restore the land.



Since launching back in May, people have donated 83,000 trees, which means they still to raise more than US$900,000 to achieve their goal. A tree costs 2,000 Chilean pesos, or about US$4, and can be made in your name or in the name of a loved one. You can donate easily on the website by selecting the Patagonian International Marathon forest, clicking on a tree, and securely entering your information via WebPay or PayPal to make the donation.

Grab a friend to join you or come make friends at this historic, environmentally- friendly race September 23 in Torres del Paine. The race is open to 500 runners and 250 have already confirmed, so be sure to sign-up before registration closes on September 7.


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