Issue 3

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Some things take more time to ripen, we're pleased to present you Issue 3 of Patagon Journal, which we think was well worth the wait. In this special fly fishing edition, veteran fly fisherman Rodrigo Sandoval tells us how to capture some of the biggest trout in the world, in Patagonia. In 2004, British author Simon Worrall wrote a lengthy feature story about Patagonia for National Geographic. His work on that article led to his book The River of Desire: A Journey of the Heart Through Patagonia, with which we are fortunate to publish a long excerpt. Jonathan Byers shows how climate change is affecting mountains; in our Interview, Chilean mammal biologist Agustin Iriarte explains the current threats to Patagonian wildlife; Andres Amengual gives a stunning photo essay on the Puelo River Valley; and we have travel stories on the unlimited luxuries with Nomads of the Seas and on Aysen's spectacular Valle Exploradores.  If you have not yet purchased a subscription, you can do so here.
We wish you a happy holiday season, and best of luck in the New Year!
Editors - Patagon Journal



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