Cowboys of the sea

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Tired of the 300-person lines in Malibu just to surf a quality wave, Argentine brothers Julián and Joaquín Azulay purchased basic camping gear and left Los Angeles a few days later, $1500 in their pockets and a dream to surf the intercontinental Pacific coastline. Their adventure lasted 403 days as they drove along the coast, surfing at some of the most pristine beaches in the Americas.
They ended up producing a documentary called “Gauchos del Mar,” (Cowboys of the Sea), which won nine international film festival awards, becoming the most heavily awarded surf film in 2012. Here is the trailer for that film:

When the two left on their latest trip to explore the waves in Patagonia at the beginning of this year, these athletes-turned-filmmakers were sponsored from head to toe, even their 4x4 truck, by top outdoors brands that recognized the value of getting on board with these fearless explorers. The brothers began the 90-day trip heading south from Buenos Aires along the Atlantic coast, delving into Patagonia and arriving to Tierra del Fuego. “At times when we thought we would find good waves, we didn’t always have that luck, and at other moments when we had low expectations, we were surprised by incredible waves on the immense Patagonian coast,” said Joaquín, 25, a year younger than his brother Julian, in an interview with Patagon Journal. 

 Part 3 of their Patagonia video trailers on YouTube sponsored by Ford Argentina
They have recently begun to surf the Chilean Patagonian coast, where they were relieved to discover better coastal access to the sea, rather than the large, private ranches in Argentina that owned the coastline. According to Joaquín, another plus for the Chilean coast is its regular wave movement. "The Pacific is much more constant than the Atlantic so it is easier to find waves every day, at least to have a little fun," he said.
Check out the next edition of Patagon Journal for the full story of their adventures surfing in Patagonia.