Trans Andes Challenge

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Billed as “the epic mountain bike race in Patagonia,” over six days in January riders in the Trans Andes Challenge push their way up hills, speed down mountains and otherwise struggle their way between Huilo Huilo and Pucón in southern Chile. “The best six days of mountain biking in your life,” says Juan Pablo Santiagos, the director of the event, who in the past has represented Chile at the Olympics as both skier and mountain biker. 

The concept of stage racing has caught on globally. The 2013 race, the fifth edition of the Trans Andes Challenge, attracted nearly 200 top riders from worldwide. Participants cover as much as 70 kilometers in a day. The overall winner was Chilean Javier Puschel, ahead of Portuguese rider Joao Marinho. Another rider from Portugal, Tiago Silva, amazingly finished in third place despite having to ride the rest of the final stage without gears. Silva says he powered on until the end because he was “in middle of nowhere, and I certainly didn't want to walk.” 
The next race is January 20-25, 2014. To participate, or for more info, go to