Issue 10 - Special Tribute to Douglas Tompkins

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For this edition of Patagon Journal, the sad news in December that a kayak accident took the life of conservationist Douglas Tompkins prompted a necessary change in our plans. Tompkins has saved more of Patagonia’s wild places than anyone; he is perhaps the greatest wildlands philanthropist the world has ever seen. 

We are honored then to present you with our 21-page special tribute to Tompkins with essays from Lito Tejada-Flores, ex-Chile President Ricardo Lagos, Patricio Rodrigo, and Hernan Mladinic, and truly beautiful photography of many of the places Tompkins has protected in Patagonia from Mexican photographer Antonio Vizcaino, who collaborated in many of the photo exhibit-format books that Tompkins has published over the years. We have also received special permission to re-publish an essay written by Tompkins himself about his 1968 road trip in a second-hand van from California to Patagonia to climb Cerro Fitz Roy. 

Our extensive section on endangered species this issue includes, among several stories, a thoughtful article about restoring condors by Patagon Journal contributing editor, Jack Miller. We have an in-depth interview with Roger Payne, the founder of Ocean Alliance and a leader in whale research and advocacy since the 60s. There is a also a wildlife photo essay from Chantal Henderson; travel features about horseback riding in Torres del Paine and an expedition cruise on the southern Patagonia coast; and as always, so much more inside the magazine about nature and the environment, travel, and outdoor sports. 

The mission of Patagon Journal is to build a greater appreciation, understanding and environmental protection of the world's last wild places, Patagonia in particular. Please consider supporting the magazine as a subscribersponsor or donor. For our readers in the United States, remember you can now also support us by requesting Patagon Journal at the more than 40 independent bookstores, from New York City to California, that carry the magazine ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if a store near you wants to sell the magazine!).

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