Issue 12 - Rivers of Chile

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Our special section on threatened rivers in this new edition of Patagon Journal includes articles from leading river advocates in Chile and internationally, and it comes at an opportune time. In August, the Endesa energy company announced that it was renouncing its water rights for developing five hydroelectric projects in Chile, among them plans for the Futaleufu and Puelo rivers in Patagonia. In the magazine, we show how and why Chile could seize on this important shift in their energy industry to become a worldwide leader in sustainable energy, adventure travel and river conservation.

Elsewhere in Issue 12 we have an extensive section about the best fly fishing spots in Patagonia. We feature an interview with adventure travel pioneer and river champion Richard Bangs, who co-founded Mountain Travel/Sobek and has helped lead 35 first descents on some of the world’s most challenging rivers, including the Biobio River. There is a 10-page story with amazing photos by Eñaut Izagirre about a rare expedition to the southernmost ice fields of Tierra del Fuego. And don’t miss the spectacular photo essay by Hudson Henry with some of his best images from travels around the planet.

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