The southernmost championship in the world

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Photo: Gabriel SavariaPhoto: Gabriel Savaria 

By Ignacio Palma
Translation by Zoe Baillargeon
In the middle of a frozen lagoon, between the 4th and 5th of August, the first edition of the Patagonian Brotherhood Cup was held, the most southerly international ice hockey tournament in the world. Players from seven countries (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Canada, Spain and England) came to the event, which took place in the mountainous landscapes surrounding Puerto Williams on Navarino Island, in the extreme south of Chile.
But there was definite tension in the air, and many of the players were nervous before the championship even began. Up until the last minute doubts had been expressed about whether the ice on the Zañartu lagoon would be thick enough to not break and endure the rigorous skating of the teams. But luckily the lake ice did prove strong enough to support all the players and even the neighbors and families who came to enjoy the tournament and support teams, toasting the teams from around the lagoon.
Photo: Ignacio PalmaPhoto: Ignacio Palma
Representing Chile, the Aonikenk and Magallanes Hockey Club of Punta Arenas was in attendance, with the other teams representing the rest of the world composed of a mix of nationalities. But to spice everything up, teams from Chile’s most fierce sports rival, Argentina, came as well: the Tierra del Fuego United, Los Ñires Hockey Club, and Club Andino Ushuaia (CAU). At the final, Los Ñires contested CAU’s 9-2 win, but overall the event was a big success.

Many expect the event to be repeated next year, and there are also plans to submit the championship for consideration to the Guinness Book of World Records as the most southern championship of its kind in the world. 

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