Issue 21 - Climate Emergency

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Issue 21 | Climate Emergency
Social unrest in Chile in recent months caused the nation to cancel plans for hosting in December the COP25, the United Nations annual climate change summit – and that meeting is about the biggest crisis of all. In this edition's special section on the global climate emergency, among other stories British journalist Matt Maynard examines the links between climate change and Chile’s social crisis, Patagon Journal interviews environmental writer Bill McKibben about his recent book on the climate crisis, and John Weller contributes an essay and phenomenal photography over 18-pages about how conserving the Antarctic Ocean through expanding marine protection areas would also help combat climate change and save ourselves.


Bárbara Hernández: Against the Current
Tomás Moggia profiles the amazing ice swimmer Bárbara Hernández, who trains among the glaciers of Patagonia when not winning international competitions or setting new records. 
The Climbing Boom in Aysén
Enrique Marmentini reports on how and why Chile’s Aysen region is becoming a top destination for climbers.
Patagonia Verde: A Geotourism Paradise
Geologist Manuel Schilling writes about the unique natural features that make the Patagonia Verde region of Chile’s Lake District a geotourism paradise.
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