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This month, Patagon Journal’s Instagram account (@patagonjournal) has been red hot. Every Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. (Chilean time), on “The Back Story” on our Instagram Live we have been digging into some of the main articles of the current edition of the magazine.
Hosted by our community manager, Paula Fernandez, we kicked things off earlier this month with Rodrigo Polic, a kakayer, scientific explorer and director of Aysen Films, who not only shared with us more details about his explorations to pristine places such as Katalalixar, the topic of his article in the current issue, but Rodrigo gave us a preview of his upcoming documentary "Escandigonia.” Speaking to us from Sweden, he discussed in-depth how his new film examines and compares the exploitation of forests in Scandinavian countries and Patagonia.
In the second week, we had the delight of discussing the magazine’s cover story, “The Big Walls of Chilean Patagonia,” with Coyhaique-based geologist Paulo Quezada, who gave us the scientific explanations for the formation of these granite giants, and with veteran climber, mountaineer, and outdoor educator Cristina Prieto, who was part of the first team of women from Chile and South America to reach the top of Mount Everest.
Most recently, we had an Instagram Live with British journalist John Bartlett, a freelance correspondent for The Guardian in Chile and lead author of the article "Greening Chile’s New Constitution” in our current edition. John talked about his research process for the story and his observations about the socio-political process underway in the country. And we also had the high honor of interviewing in this Instagram Live the vice-president of Chile’s constitutional convention, Elisa Giustinianovich. Elisa, who is also an activist and researcher in the Magallanes region, gave an inside view of the constitutional convention and her own views on making environmental issues central to the new magna carta. In particular, she emphasized the need to decentralize the country, listen to local communities and restore water as a public good for all.
You can view recordings of these previous Instagram Lives on our Instagram account. Join us this Thursday, November 25, for the final installment of The Back Story when we will discuss agroecology and regenerative agriculture in Patagonia with Chilean journalist Javiera Ide, author of "A Gardener’s Diary" in the current issue. Javiera will share more with us about her experience doing an internship with Huerto Cuatro Estaciones, a biointensive farm located in the Aysén region. The conversation will also have the great pleasure of including Francisco Vio, a co-director of the program.
We look forward to seeing you there! 

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