Gear: Three ultralight fly fishing waders

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By Luis Goycoolea 

Editors Note: The following is from Issue 25.
Probably the greatest change or advancement in the discipline of fly fishing has been waders or fishing trousers. Since their creation in the 19th century, they have become an integral part of the sport. Without waders, enduring the cold waters of Patagonia would be virtually impossible.
The first waterproof clothing was developed in Scotland in 1823. The Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh succeeded in taming the rubber tree to produce latex, a miraculous elastic, resistant and water-repellent material. The next step was its industrialization (1839) by the American inventor Charles Goodyear. Later, in 1830, Galoshes, or rubber boots, appeared, used as overshoes. The concept comes from the Roman Empire and refers to the shoes worn by the people of Gaul.
It was not until 1850 that waders, as we know them today, arrived. The Hodgman company was responsible for this practical invention. To this day the brand still produces waders, but the technological breakthrough has been revolutionary.
Today, the development of lighter, easier-to-carry waders is setting the standards for manufacturers. Travelling light, with little luggage, is the way to go. In this field, the market is dominated by just a few brands, namely Patagonia, Simms and Reddington. 
Here are three of the lightest models from these brands that we recommend:
Patagonia SwiftCurrent Packable Waders
Weighing only one kilogram, these are the lightest waders on the market. Useful for carrying in your camping backpack or leaving in the trunk of your car. In terms of appearance, the SwiftCurrent Packable Waders are similar to the brand’s other waders, but to the touch you can immediately begin to appreciate how light and fine the fabric is, made with four layers of H2No, the brand’s signature fabric, that is waterproof, breathable and durable; additionally, they are made with a single seam reinforcing the impermeability, the most sought-after trait in a pair of waders. The boots are seamless. Adjustable straps are included, so that the waders can be lowered to the waist on hot days. The ankle areas are reinforced to protect them from rubbing.
Simms Flyweight Waders
Lightweight and functional (weighing in at 2 kilos), the Simms Flyweight is this brand's 2021 pair of waders. Made with typical Gore-Tex (triple-layered upper section and quadruple-layered lower section), a waterproof, friction-resistant material, it offers several special features, such as Gore-Tex Pro Stretch, a reinforced area that allows the seams on the front and back of the legs to stretch, giving the waders better mobility and increasing the angler’s range of movement. The waders are also made in such a way that branded accessories can be added, such as a fishing net, water bottles and belt. It also has a set of double-access pockets and a hidden zipped pocket.
Redington Escape ZIP Waders
The Redington Escape Waders are another popular pair of fishing waders made from waterproof material. The top is composed of three layers of protective and insulating material, and the bottom contains four layers, providing mobility, breathability, protection, and durability. The Escape ZIP Waders feature an integrated waterproof TIZIP® zip, which makes it easy to put them on and take them off. They come equipped with ergonomic 3mm neoprene booties, which are comfortable and puncture resistant. They are also equipped with hand warmer pockets for added comfort on cold days.

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