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Remember Me Chile

San Francisco 242 local 5 y 6, Puerto Varas, Region de los Lagos, Chile

Remember Me Chile The wonderful story of REMEMBER ME CHILE® began in 2005 when a Puerto Varina created a line of t-shirts for tourists visiting the small and amazing city of Puerto Varas in southern Chile. Today, REMEMBER ME CHILE® has diverse product lines, including the ...

Telephone56 65-2231634

Miguel Torres Chile Popular

Panamericana Sur km. 195, Curicó, Chile

Miguel Torres Chile Miguel Torres was the first foreign winery to establish itself in Chile. The Torres family chose Chile as an ideal location for the practice of winemaking owing to the excellent conditions for the development of wine industry. Miguel Torres Chile has aris ...

Telephone56 75 256 4100

Parque El Buchén

42 Km. hacia la cordillera desde Curicó, Curicó, Chile

Parque El Buchén Parque El Buchén es un proyecto ecoinmobiliario, ubicado en valle precordillerano a 42 Km. de Curicó. El proyecto está constituido por campos privados, cuyas superficies varían entre 5 y 9 hectáreas, además de una reserva común de 550 hectáreas, que lo co ...

Telephone(56-2) 213 3393


Diagonal Santa Elena 2747, Santiago, Chile

AndesCampers We are AndesCampers, a Chilean company that rents campers and motorhomes for all people that love and enjoy traveling in Chile and South America. We want to give you an amazing experience with your motorhome. Our vehicles are very comfortable, and as we ...

Telephone+56 9 9570 1413 / +56 9 42374562

Hotel Parque Quilquico

Km 6 de la ruta W-65, sector de Quilquico, Península de Rilan, Castro, Chiloe, Chile

Hotel Parque Quilquico - Hotel Parque Quilquico tiene capacidad para 42 personas - Ofrece deliciosos menú y una carta de comidas, tragos y cafetería que rescata la esencia gastronómica de la Isla de Chiloé, en un cálido Restaurant con terraza y espectacular vista al canal de ...

Telephone(65) 297 1000

Rancho Espantapájaros

Camino Puerto Octay-Frutillar, Puerto Octay, Region de los Lagos, Chile, 7777777

Rancho Espantapájaros Nuestro restaurante posee amplios comedores y terraza con espectaculares vistas hacia el lago y los volcanes. Fue construido con la idea de ofrecer un servicio informal de Buffet tenedor libre. El fogon prepara a la vista el tradicional asado al palo, met ...

Telephone(65) 233 0049

Reserva del Maullín

Línea Nueva km 0,85, Puerto Varas, Chile

Reserva del Maullín Innovador EcoLoteo + Arte inserto en ecosistema del Río Maullín. 19 lotes, notable paisajismo, excelente urbanización y 60.000 m2 (45% del total) de parque

Telephone+56 9 9481 7865

El Colorado

Nevería 4680, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

El Colorado Siendo los pioneros de ski en Chile, el Centro de Ski El Colorado tiene una ubicación privilegiada sobre Santiago, ya que a sólo 36 kilómetros otorga a sus visitantes 101 pistas con una espectacular vista panorámica hacia Farellones y el valle de la cap ...

Telephone(56-2) 355 77 22

Yan Kee Way Lodge

Camino Ensenada Km 42, Ensenada, Chile

Yan Kee Way Lodge YAN KEE WAY is a great starting and ending point for any expedition to Chile and is a fascinating facility unto itself. Volcan Osorno, considered one of the most beautiful volcanic cones in the world, dominates the horizon in front of the lodge. The compo ...

Telephone56-65 212030

Estancia de los Rios


Estancia de los Rios Exclusive access to more than 60 miles of rivers • World class dry fly fishing for brown trout • Unparalleled seclusion and privacy • Chile’s largest ranch • Great riverside lodge With more than 60 miles of rivers, several spring creeks and many lakes on ...

Category:Fishing Lodges

Refugio Pullao

Quilquico S/N, Quilquico, Chiloe, Chile

Refugio Pullao The hotel is located in front of the quiet sea of Chiloe Island. The unique charm of this island is due to its special beauty and history, its ancient forests, unspoilt beaches, its picturesque fishing villages and the people that preserves alive the cult ...

Telephone09 9895 7911

Huillín Lodge - Chiloé

Santa Balbina S/N, Huillinco, Chiloe, Chile

Huillín Lodge - Chiloé Bienvenidos a Huillín Lodge, un lugar lleno de la magia del sur de Chile. Te invitamos a ser protagonista y escribir tu historia en esta magica isla.

Telephone09 9825 4463

Teski Refugio Volcan Osorno

Volcán Osorno km 12, Ensenada, Los Lagos, Chile

Teski Refugio Volcan Osorno Refugio de Montaña Volcán Osorno, contamos con restaurant, cafeteria, alojamiento, hot tubs y senderos para trekking.

Telephone(65) 256 6622

Cumilahue Lodge


Cumilahue Lodge In the early 60's, while fishing and exploring Chile and Argentina´s trout rivers, coincidentally so well described by Roderick Haig-Brown in his famous book "Fisherman's Winter", the search for a good life brought Adrian Dufflocq and his young wife Patri ...

Category:Fishing Lodges
Telephone(56) 2–1961601 and (56) 2–1961600

Hotel & Cafe Veliche

Ernesto Riquelme 1695, Castro, Chiloe, Chile

Hotel & Cafe Veliche La visión al construir este hotel su arquitectura y materialidad tan particular de Chiloe, es traer del recuerdo antiguos galpones de los campos chilotes.

Telephone(65) 253 6327


Av Francia 1790, Osorno, Chile

AndesProfundo Sistema de Informacion Geografica de zonas deportivas al aire libre.   1 Vn.Lonquimay 1:34.000 Araucania 2 Vn. Llaima 1:35.000 Araucania 3 Vn. Villarrica 1:30.000 Araucania 4 Vn. Quetrupillan 1:28.000 Araucania 5 Vn Puyehue 1:30.000 De Los Rios ...


Galpón Aire Puro

Independencia 50 (esq. Decher), Puerto Varas, Region de los Lagos, Chile, 5550000

Galpón Aire Puro Affordable luxury..away from home This reconverted barn is a spectacular building. Refurbished with noble native woods, carved doors, with stone bathrooms, but a large apartment with professonal kitchen, 2 baths, spectacular living and dining area. Wonde ...

Telephone+56 09 99798009

Chile Wild

Km 90 ruta 181, Malalcahuello, Araucania, Chile

Chile Wild We are an Australian-Chilean couple passionate about providing a quality service with low impact on the beautiful environment in which we find ourselves. Our aim is to leave a low carbon footprint and something that will encourage others to appreciate the ...

Telephone09 7606 0842

Fundo Leona


Fundo Leona Imagine living in a place or a refuge where nature, the landscape, the great open spaces and privacy, things that today are so necessary, coexist together. It’s a dream that nowadays few can enjoy. All of that is at Fundo Leona, a real estate project in t ...

Telephone+56 9 9885 3120


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