Sea Kayak - Rafting - Trekking - Multi-activities
We offer a range of trips, the best around, from kayaking and rafting to trekking in amazing surroundings like national parks and reserves. Lake district and further south as well.
In our specialties, the gear used, is part of safety and fun for our guests. Can you imagine a multiday kayaking expedition in an old kayak with no rudder or a broken seating system? A raft trip with a couple of stops on the way to pump up the thwarts? I guess no and nor do we. That is why we use the best brands and models available. Our AIRE rafts and Wilderness Systems sea kayaks are made in the USA and we renew all  our gear periodically.
The priority; ensure, safety and quality in our service, Our objective, is that once you sign in any of our excursions, you will say it was your best experience in your stay in Chile. 
San Pedro 311, Puerto Varas, Chile
+56 65 223 3004
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