Fly fishing in Chile / Patagonia is a trip into the past, to a time when rivers and streams were pristine and clear. The Patagonian area of Chile is a place where you can view some wild and remote rivers with knowledge that quite possibly no one has ever stood there let alone fished there. It is a serene wilderness where fish are large and willing to take large dry flies on the surface with abandon, in broad daylight. 
The area around Coyhaique is known for its great dry fly fishing and you will do well. If you are a talented nymph fly fisher – you will own these fish! Nymphing is not as popular a fly fishing technique around this area of Patagonia so many fish have never experienced the bite of a well presented nymph. Midge dry fly fishing is also lethal in Chile as most anglers fish the larger patterns such as Chernobyl Ants and Fat Alberts. Mayflies are as prolific here as they are in North America so bring them along.
Patagonia is a A fly Angler’s Mecca. Chilean Patagonia is a place unlike any other. Take some time going through our site. We invite you to email us with any questions or comments. Your Dream – Patagonia awaits.
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