Fundo Leona

Imagine living in a place or a refuge where nature, the landscape, the great open spaces and privacy, things that today are so necessary, coexist together. It’s a dream that nowadays few can enjoy. All of that is at Fundo Leona, a real estate project in the Ranco basin of Chile with just 55 homes from 10,000 to 50,000 m2 in size immersed in 1,385 hectares of forest, river, meadows, and a lake. All with trails so that each owner can live harmoniously and freely with the natural environment.
Located just 4.5 km from the lakeside city of Futrono and on the shores of Chile's third-largest lake – Lake Ranco with 442 km2 of transparent waters – Fundo Leona is the ideal place for water sports, hiking, fishing, kayaking, river descents and the outdoor life.
With more than 50% sold and 10 houses already built, the project is well on its way and will end with the second stage located in the upper part of the fundo, which has an impressive view of the lake and the Andean mountains and is the gateway to the 1,185-hectare Cordillera de Leona Park. This park is a bioreserve with 3 trails that reach a lagoon located at 1,290 meters above sea level, and in addition, is the source of the water which supplies the project.
For water sports, there is a 10,000 m2 facility along the riverside and lake for the common use of the 55 homeowners.
Due to the special characteristics and location, Fundo Leona, its mountain refuges, is a project especially designed for those who feel a strong connection with nature and the countryside, and share a commitment to the idea of "KNOW HOW TO LIVE," the slogan that represents the philosophy of the creators.
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